Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Day of School

The boys had their last day of school this past Friday.  I had mixed emotions about the whole thing.  Somehow saying you have a 1st grader sounds so much older then saying a Kindergartner:)  Ty will be doing Early Kindergarten next year.  He will be at the same school he was at for preschool just in the EK program instead of the preschool program.  We did this with Gabe and it was wonderful!  Here is our now 1st grader on his last day of school.
and here is our now Early Kindergartner on his last day of preschool.
Both the boys were blessed to have excellent teachers this year as well.  Here is Ty with his teacher(whom he loves and actually cried when we got in the van after school when he figured out it was his last day) Ms. Alicia(they had the red head connection going for them:)
Gabe's teacher was Miss Larson.  He loved her and has already been talking about missing school and his friends!
and never wanting to be left out of anything our daughter who may miss having Mommy all to herself now that her brothers will be home for summer!

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