Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Sprinkler and Sun Fun

Callie got in on the sprinkler action the other day.  She loved it as much as her brothers!  When they were done they decided to lay out their towels on the driveway and dry off a bit.
Our bathing beauty
and our sun bathing red head.
 and not quite sure what Gabe was doing here but he wanted me to take his picture.

and like most things the interest in sun bathing was quickly lost and the boys decided to try out bull fighting with the towels. (Ty didn't quite get that he was supposed to stand to the side of the towel while the bull(Gabe) ran through)
and of course bull fighting didn't last too long and we just went straight into regular old boxing("in slow motion mom, so no one gets hurt")
Gabe and Ty both had their last days of school this past Friday.  I will post pictures soon.  Hard to believe the school year is over.  We have a busy summer ahead!

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