Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gabe Turns 8

Gabe turned 8 on Sunday! Doesn't really seem possible. In fact, it is kind of scary how quickly 8 years has gone. He woke up to his requested birthday breakfast of cinnamon roll waffles.


We unintentionally put trick candles on his waffles and had fun trying to get them blown out. Finally they are all out.

After breakfast and everyone got ready we headed to Ankeny to meet Uncle Pete and Aunt Kim for lunch. They had birthday gifts for the boys and were heading home from being in Algona for the weekend and since the next surprise of the day was located in Grimes it worked out well to go to Ankeny. After lunch we headed to Skyzone for Gabe's next birthday surprise. Skyzone is a trampoline park. They LOVED it. Carl jumped with the kiddos and decided it was much more difficult then it looks and that he is old:)


When we got home they really wanted to go to the Aquatic Center so Carl took the 3 bigs to the pool and I stayed home with Ezra. When they got back it was time to meet Grandma and Grandpa for birthday sundaes at Hickory Park.


That night Gabe was determined to stay up until his birth time(11:08 pm) so he and Carl had a special birthday date to Man of Steel. Gabe had a great day and is looking forward to his party this weekend.

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