Sunday, June 30, 2013

Grandpa (Updated)

* My Mom wanted me to read this at Grandpa's funeral. As I was reading over it the day of the service I just felt I needed to add one more paragraph so I've updated this post to include all of what I read that day.


My Grandpa Duane went home today. He waited until the day after he and my Grandma's 56th wedding anniversary(and Ezra's birthday). Our hearts our heavy with sadness as we will miss him so much. He didn't talk a lot but that was part of his charm.

I cant count how many times I called their house and Grandpa would answer "yep, Hello" everytime. I will miss that. I will miss him getting irritated when someone said they didnt like a certain type of food being offered at mealtime because I'm pretty sure Grandpa would have eaten grass if that was what was being offered, and I will miss his laughter when he watched The Andy Griffith Show on TV. I will miss his many mumbles, and yeps and his love of all foods(coffee, black licorice and popcorn).

I will miss the way he lovingly referred to Ty as Red. He got such a kick out of his red headed antics and temperament. I will miss his prayers before meal times at the farm and seeing him in his overalls each time we came to visit. I will miss his bald head and all of the jokes to go along with it.

Grandpa loved his wife, loved his family and loved the Lord. That is why missing him is not quite so bad. We know that Grandpa is Home now and no longer suffers the ailments that plagued him in his last days here on Earth. I love you Grandpa for your example of loving your wife through sickness and health, for raising your family to know how to work hard, be kind and respectful to others and serve the church and those in need around them. We look forward to seeing you when God calls us home. I truly hope you are enjoying the green pastures and still waters. It sounds right up your ally, and the bonus is you don't have to bail hay in those pastures:)

Just to close I encourage you to think about what your children and grandchildren will say about you when you're gone. Will you be remembered for serving others and the Lord, for being a hard worker and kind to those around you. We rest in assurance that Grandpa is with his Lord in heaven not only because he professed his belief with his mouth but because his life showed fruit of loving and serving God. Let your words not be empty in saying you are a Christ follower let people also be assured of your everlasting eternity by your life here on Earth. God blessed my brother and Me with a wonderful Grandfather and my children with a wonderful Great Grandfather and maybe most importantly my husband and I with a shining example of marriage through thick and thin, sickness and health, drought and flood. Let your life exemplify Christ as well.


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Chrissy said...

Hi Hollie, thanks for writing this. Wish I could have made it up to see you all!! God bless!!-Chrissy