Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Do So Like Green Eggs and Ham

When it is -500 and snowing outside sometimes you have to come up with new things to do. This morning Gabe wanted to read Green Eggs and Ham for the hundredth time already today so I asked him if he wanted to eat Green Eggs and Ham. Of course he did, so we went out to the kitchen and he helped me make them. The funny thing is he ate the eggs better green then he ever does when they look normal, maybe green eggs will become a breakfast staple around our house. The video is Gabe telling me where he would eat green eggs and ham. Ty was not being super cooperative with being quiet during this time he was ready for a nap! On a completely different note Gabe has started to actually pay attention to his little brother, before he would pretty much be indifferent to him. Now he always wants to hold him, hug him and play with him. Ty loves his brother and grins and laughs at him all the time--from a distance that is. When Gabe is actually holding him he doesn't usually want to cooperate very well, maybe he has a fear of falling:)

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Steph said...

I have a recipe for green eggs that uses pureed spinach as the "green"...just in case you're looking for ways to sneak veggies into his food. :) That's what I do!!