Monday, January 21, 2008

My Son the Comedian

Ty thinks Gabe is just hilarious! Gabe doesn't even have to do anything for Ty to laugh at him. Gabe succeeds at making Ty laugh much more then we do when we are trying our hardest. I included a video of one of the many examples of Gabe getting his brother to laugh just by being himself. We have had a busy past week and weekend. We ended up selling our house and signing the papers on Friday, it was a good birthday present to have that taken care of. My mom and dad watched the boys that night so Carl and I could go out to eat and celebrate both occasions! We are very excited that now we can move onto the next part of the process, finding paint colors, imagining where to put furniture in the new house, etc. I am mostly excited that Ty will finally have his own room and not have to sleep in our dining room anymore! I'm sure he doesn't mind but it will be nice for Carl to be able to get up and eat breakfast in the morning without worrying about waking Ty. We were able to visit some friends this weekend and Gabe had a great time playing with Sammie. They are only 2 days apart so it is fun to watch them play together, although Gabe was wondering where all the tractors and trucks were. He is not used to dolls and dress up clothes:) We are ready for warmer weather around here too, some days we are getting pretty stir crazy! We have been using the bathtub as more of a playground lately to break up the day. Gabe also loves to "help Mommy" give Baby Ty baths. Ty just likes to chew on everything! Hope everyone is keeping warm.

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