Friday, January 25, 2008

Yo Adrian

So you may be wondering why the title of this post is what it is. Mostly because Gabe now looks like he has gone 15 rounds with Apollo Creed or maybe Clubber Lang I don't know, forgive my Rocky references if you have no clue what I'm talking about. Let me start at the beginning of our very long, very stressful, very painful for some, day. In the morning Ty woke up coughing quite a bit and it seemed a little deeper then the past few days so I decided to take him into the doctor. Luckily Pete was able to watch Gabe at Mom and Dad's house so I didn't have him with me when we went into Ty's appointment at 9:45. When we got there we actually got in relatively quickly, the dr. came in and discovered Ty had a temperature of 102.8. Since he is so young she wanted to rule out some things since he was running that high of temp, so she listened to his chest and heard some wheezing but not too bad. She decided to order a nasal swab and blood work since his fever was so high. They came in and did the nasal swab and Ty did not like that at all, poor little guy then they wanted me to give him a breathing treatment(which obviously from the picture he didn't mind too much) since he was wheezing and they said while they did that the lab would come and take some blood. I thought it would just be a simple finger prick but oh-no they actually had to do a draw from his little vein in his arm, it was so sad, Ty didn't like that much either. They finally got enough out for the tests they needed to run and then we had to wait at the Dr's office for the results, 2 hours later we were leaving the office and on our way to pick up Gabe for his haircut appointment at 12:30. Gabe was a rockstar for his haircut this time, he didn't fuss or fidget or anything so we went to McDonalds and picked up lunch since we hadn't eaten yet(don't worry Grandma Nancy, he still eats his fruits and veggies too) anyway we got home and ate and then Ty needed to eat so I was in the process of carrying Ty over to the rocking chair to feed him and Gabe decided to race me to try to get there first, well he only had his socks on slipped once his foot went off the rug onto the wood floor and went face first into the top of the wicker toy basket. He instantly screamed bloody murder and I soon saw a gashes and bruises right underneath his eye. I had to put Ty down and try and get his bleeding stopped and get some ice on it as it was already starting to swell. Ty did not like this as he was hungry so I had two crying boys. Finally the bleeding stopped and we had ice on Gabe's eye for awhile and he agreed to go sit on the couch while I fed Ty. While he was sitting there he started falling asleep sitting straight up, kind of unusual for Gabe so I called first nurse and told them what happened and asked if it was okay for him to sleep, they said yes as long as he didn't sleep for more then 2 hours and then when he got up if he was acting okay it was probably fine. Well he went down for his nap and slept the whole 2 hours and woke up on his own. He was crabby and said his owie hurt but he didn't seem lethargic or anything. In the meantime Ty needed to eat again and I had just gotten done feeding him and my mom called me back and I was in the process of telling her about her day when Gabe came up to me with a strange spacy look and proceeded to throw up, I hung up quickly with mom and got him into the bathroom and tried to get him to talk to me, he kind of did and I went into full out panic mode. I called Carl hysterical and he had to tell me to calm down and call the Dr. I did and they could get him soon so Carl got home, mom and dad came to get Ty and we headed to the dr.'s office. By the time we got to the Dr. Gabe was acting like himself again and wanted to watch the fishies. The Dr. checked him out and everything looked good, he said most likely it was just a small concussion which accounted for the throwing up and that last night we needed to wake him up every 2 hours and get him to talk to us, to watch for any type of slow bleed that may occur. So last night we woke poor Gabe every 2 hours and made him talk to us, he was fine and today you would never know anything happened to him besides the lovely shiner he is not sporting. We just thank God for watching out for him and that nothing more serious happened! Boy am I glad today is Friday:)

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Emily said...

Oh my goodness what a day! Glad the boys are okay!! Give them both hugs and kisses for me.