Monday, October 27, 2008

C is for Cookie

P is for pumpkin and M is for mess. All things we experienced this weekend. As you can see Ty really really enjoys chocolate chip cookies. I think more of the cookie ended up on his face rather then his mouth but he enjoyed it all the same. Gabe usually loves cookies as well but this night he didn't want to eat his cookie or anything else for that matter. He pretty much just made faces at me over his sandwich. Ty doesn't like food but anything else he loves to put in his mouth. A good example is this pumpkin we had on the table. He wouldn't eat his dinner but loved the pumpkin. Ty is also really good at making messes. This morning he got the pantry door open found this box of cereal and this is what happened. I threw out my back on Tuesday and have been hurting ever since so this is a great help to have to sweep up a whole box of wheat chex. Oh the joys of little boys:)

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clarkitect said...

I am beginning to notice a trend with the fireball-- if it's in a bag or a box it's on the floor.