Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Little Fish and Happy Birthday Grandpa

Gabe started swimming lessons the middle of October at the indoor pool by the high school. I was pretty sure he would like them since he loved being in the water this summer and I was right. Gabe jumps right in with no hesitation and loves every minute of it. We remind him each time that he needs to obey his teacher as he tends to like to do his own thing every once in awhile(like climb up the ladder) but for the most part he does really well. There are only 3 kids in his class including him so he gets plenty of teacher time. He always comes home with red eyes from going under the water with his eyes open so much but he has so much fun he doesn't care. Last night Grandma Mel and Grandpa Tim came with us to his swimming lesson to see Gabe and then we out to Hickory Park for Grandpa Tim's birthday. Ty was mesmerized by the singing when they brought out the birthday sundae. Gabe just wanted to help blow out the candle. If anyone ever needs help blowing out birthday candles Gabe will gladly be at your service:)

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