Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wide Open Spaces

The older I have gotten and the older my kids have become I have learned to appreciate wide open spaces more and more. Growing up in rural Iowa by the farm I took for granted the wide open spaces we had to play in, the large groves of trees that served as my play house, the endless combine and tractor rides that I never really appreciated until I had kids of my own, a huge yard where I could run around and ride my bike and not have to worry about the neighbors or traffic. This past weekend we drove up to the farm on Sunday to visit my Grandparents and uncle. It is now watching my kids run around the farm and the look in their eyes when they see where we are that I truly appreciate growing up where I did. Gabe loves to run around the farm, to explore new things. He was able to explore the wagons more closely this trip(don't worry Dad was up there too, just well hidden in the first picture) as well as a few of the tractors. He also got to go on a combine ride even though they were done with beans and the corn was not quite ready Uncle Bone got the combine out just for Gabe to have a ride. Ty loves to explore as well but he is just as happy to explore the new toys inside the house with Great Grandma. It was a fun day for the boys. That evening the boys went on their first hay ride with our connection group from church. All the kids enjoyed themselves and the night was beautiful.


Emily said...

Love the pictures. I miss the wide open spaces too!!!

Nicoleigh said...

Thanks for posting pics of the hayride...since I missed it. It was quite a great night to do this as well!