Monday, October 6, 2008

Keep Walkin

Some exciting news around our house is that Ty started walking a few weeks ago. He still doesn't walk the majority of the time but now he will walk between things and will quite a ways when he is walking to someone. He is pretty proud of his new accomplishment. He hasn't quite mastered the whole standing up on his own with no support yet though but he works on it every day! Gabe found a new friend outside our house this weekend. A rusty colored fuzzy caterpillar was crawling along beside our pumpkins the other day so I showed it to him. Gabe loved touching him and even tried to pick him up at one point but the caterpillar curled up in a ball and Gabe was not crazy about that. He kept asking if the caterpillar was ours and if it was going to live by our pumpkins now. I told him the caterpillar could go where it wants to so if it wants to stay by our pumpkins it can. After he put the visibly terrified caterpillar back down it stayed in a ball for awhile and hasn't been seen since:) On Sunday we drove to Ft. Dodge to meet Carl's family for lunch at Applebee's since Grandpa Matt's birthday was on Saturday and he had the day off Sunday. It was good to see everyone even if that was the slowest restaurant ever. When we finally got outside the boys were able to release some pent up energy. Gabe by driving the jeep and Ty by climbing up Andrea and Alan's hood and then sliding down. He loves slides and apparently the hood of a car is just as good. Both boys fell asleep on the ride home and stayed down once we got home, big bonus in our world:)


Flip-flop Mama said...

Well, Trey has the standing in place by himself down, but doesn't walk more than a few steps. Our boys need to get together and learn from each other!

Emily said...

Yay Ty! That's so exciting to hear he's walking.