Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apples, Pumpkins and All Things Fall

That has pretty much been the theme around our house this past week. Last Wednesday we went to the orchard with a bunch of other moms. They have all kinds of activities for the kids to do. Gabe especially enjoyed the corn pool. He mostly liked to run around the edge on the bails and then jump in but he also found going down the slide quite enjoyable. Ty didn't mind it too much although I think he had a hard time getting around in all that corn and he doesn't like his mobility hindered by anything. Gabe also liked the pedal tractors, they have all kinds of pedal tractors for the kids to ride and they made a track for then to pedal around with tires. He also really enjoyed the jumping pillow, a big trampoline type thing filled with air, it is low to the ground and has sand all around it. He loved jumping on that. We didn't actually make it to the orchard part of the orchard with all the other stuff to do. That afternoon Gabe got to go on a special trip with Grandma and Grandpa on the Boone Scenic Valley railroad, I don't have any pictures or that yet but I was told he enjoyed himself until he fell asleep. On Friday the boys and my mom and dad headed up to Burt to the farm. They had to take a trailer back and Gabe loves the farm and Great Grandma loves to see the boys we we decided to go along. Gabe got a tractor ride, a mule ride(the motorized kind) and got to see Dave's goats. My grandma also has some apple trees in her backyard so we went out to scope out the apples and brought several bags back with us. I have made 5 apple crisps and an apple cake and still have a bag left. Gabe liked looking and eating all the apples. Ty even tried one although I don't think he really ate any of his. We also walked down to the beans to check and see if they were ready yet. Grandma Mel informed Gabe they were still a little bit chewy so they weren't quite ready yet. On Saturday we went out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins. This is early for us since usually we put it off until the end of October and then only have them a week or so. Gabe loved all the pumpkins and even pulled the wagon with all of them around the shed. When we got home he designated which pumpkins belonged to which person and he checks on them every time we leave the house. On a not fall related note I found a food Ty likes! This is big news at our house since he is a extremely picky eater. I made acorn squash for lunch today and scooped some out and put it in an apple sauce container(I was trying to trick him into thinking it was apple sauce since he likes that) I tried to give him a bite and he wanted nothing to do with it. So I gave up thinking it was a lost cause and just put the spoon in the container in front of him. He then took the spoon and ate over half the container himself. I helped him get it on the spoon and he also used his hands but when he likes something I don't mind so much when I have a mess to clean up. Gabe used to like squash when he was younger but todays reaction was not the one I was hoping for. Today he gagged and I honestly thought he was going to throw up, luckily he didn't but he decided that he does not like squash. Oh-well 1 out of 2 isn't too bad!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Your orchard has so many fun things at it!!!! I'm not a fan of squash either. . I try it every year around Thanksgiving. Trey wants to feed himself too. . .will our floors ever be clean for longer than a day?! :)