Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Weekend with Tummy Troubles

I really enjoy long weekends. It is so nice to have that extra day where Carl doesn't have to go to work and then it always makes the next week seem to go faster! This long weekend however I could have done without the sick kiddos. It all started Thursday afternoon. Gabe awoke screaming from his nap, which is a rare occurrence so I went upstairs to check on him and he had thrown up all over his bed. He was extremely upset and kept saying that he wasn't going to get to the stadium(first football game was that night and we had been talking for weeks about going) after I got him and his bed all cleaned up we came downstairs and he proceeded to throw up again. Ughh nothing worse then kids with the stomach flu. So we were supposed to have a few people over for tailgating that night and a babysitter for Ty and Carl was in Omaha for his uncles funeral, not to mention I was watching our nephew for the day and he was upstairs napping as well. Made a few phone calls got people canceled for the evening and then Gabe was fine. He was running around and acting completely normal. He kept asking if he could go to the stadium, I told him no since his tummy wasn't right, he kept telling me it was fine, it feels good. At this point it had been a few hours since the throw up incident so I thought well I guess it must of just been something he ate. So called the babysitter again and she could still come so Gabe and walked down to the game. Carl got back from Omaha just after half time and met us there and we watched the Cyclones win. I thought everything was fine. Then comes Friday, Ty had been rather congested for the past week or so but he is getting his molars so just figured they were kind of tied together. Then he throws up after we got back from running errands. Ugghh the rest of Friday he acted fine though but then Friday evening he just seemed crabby and extremely tired. Saturday I took him to the Dr. since he had gotten up in the night and was just not himself. 30$ copay later Dr. tells me it is just a cold and the vomiting was most likely from that nothing wrong with him. Okay so Saturday night we had nursery which was went well Ty seemed more back to normal and Gabe spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa. Sunday we all drove over to Iowa City to see my brother and on the way Ty pukes again. Good grief, we stop and change his clothes and stop at the outlet mall, he seems fine so figure it must just be all the mucus in his tummy, and don't give him any more milk as that seems to be the culprit. Get to my brothers and Ty is just a crab. He sleeps quite awhile while my mom and I head to the mall. We get there get through the first store and she has to sit down because she doesn't feel good. We get back to Pete's, Ty gets up from his nap, you guessed it throws up. We leave to come home, get Gabe some supper on the way. We get home Gabe says him tummy hurts. We are getting his jammies on he runs to the bathroom to get rid of all the supper he had eaten( I was pretty pleased he made it to the toilet, I had had enough cleaning up of stomach contents to last me awhile at this point) Come to find out in the mean time our nephew got sick, as well as his mom and dad and just yesterday I had a message that my brother is sick as well. Okay so I guess it wasn't just something Gabe ate(we figured it was since Carl has figured out he gave him expired cream cheese on his bagel that morning, guess Carl's off the hook) Monday rolls around and we actually had a non-throw up day!!!! Carl and my parents worked in our yard Monday to trim back our over abundant plant life. Then Monday afternoon Carl got the back porch all cleaned out. That night we purchased a fire pit on clearance and roasted marshmallows. With all the sickies this weekend those were the only pictures we took for the whole weekend. Carl got the fire pit put together no problem and then the fun of building the fire began. He tried a few different methods and finally we had a fire big enough to roast our marshmallows. Gabe loves roasting marshmallows, Carl and I had smores but Gabe holds his near the fire for maybe 5 seconds and then just eats it. Forget the chocolate and graham crackers. So now we are all healthy again and hoping that our next long weekend won't be quite so messy:(


Emily said...

Ohh boy last I heard it was just bad cream cheese, but then you know how news travels in this family. Sorry to hear every one got sick. See you guys next week! Carl where'd you get the old-school IH hat?

Flip-flop Mama said...

Oh man, Hollie, I want to throw up just reading about it. . just kidding. .. don't think I can catch it through the computer! Hey, I met a family from your church at LifeLight. . .she didn't know you, but maybe Gabe. She had two little girls and is pregnant with a 3rd girl.

clarkitect said...

AWWW YEEEAAHHH. Does that hat not rule! Dad got it for me at the Farm Progress Show, and I wish I could wear it to work every day. RED POWER!