Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Week Ago Today-Final Installment

A week ago today we got up early and the packing or should I say cramming things in suitcases began. We inevitably ended up with more stuff then what we took so packing to come home was a bit of a challenge. Add that 50 lb. per bag rule that the airlines have and that adds even more fun to it. Em took the morning off so she could drive us to the airport. Fortunately our flight didn't leave until 11:30 so we didn't need to be there until around 10:00. I finally got everything into our two suitcases and 4 carry-ons and hoped that the two we were checking wouldn't be too heavy. We loaded all our stuff and headed to the airport which was a much shorter trip this time around since there was no memorial dedications going on. Gabe was very sad on our way, he kept saying he wanted to stay with Em. He was definitely not ready for vacation to be over, even the enticement of getting to ride on another airplane was not helping the situation. When we arrived at the airport our big bag weighed in at.....52 lbs. The lovely man behind the counter said "this bag weighs 52 lbs. it is only supposed to weigh it" that is it he didn't charge us and we kind of thought how in the world were we going to know the difference between 50 and 52 lbs without having a handy dandy scale like they do at the airport, oh-well at least we didn't get charged for being over the limit. We got through security no problems and sat and waited for our flight to Memphis, we couldn't get a direct flight for the way home since we used a frequent flier ticket for one of our tickets. Everything ran on time and the plane from DC to Memphis was little larger then the one we flew from Des Moines to DC. There were three seat across and then the aisle, which was nice so we could all sit together. The kids did a great job again, Ty only had one minor mishap when he got in a throw everything mood and chucked a little rocket ship into the row in front of us hitting the guy sleeping against his window. Oops the lady next to him handed it back to us without a word, I don't think they were too thrilled about sitting in the row in front of the kids. I have decided that people who get crabby at people with kids on planes have never traveled with kids on planes themselves. Our kids did a great job and I could count the number of times they were noisy on all our plane rides on one hand, we were very thankful their behavior was good those days. On the plane from Memphis to Des Moines it was pretty full so we weren't really looking forward to the flight however we were pleasantly surprised when no one sat in the seat next to Carl and Ty could have a seat all to himself for the flight. He loved being able to stand up on the seat and play with the window shade. He also liked to stand on the floor in front of the seat and play with his toys on the seat. It worked out really well and he did a great job. We arrived back in Des Moines by 3:30 and my mom was there to get us. Ty was especially excited to see Grandma and started kicking his legs and and swinging his arms in the stroller the minute he saw her. I think that made Grandma pretty happy as well. We got our bags no problem and headed home. I was sad to see vacation come to an end but glad to be home at the same time. Looking back on vacation there were times I wondered why did I want to do this with a three year old and a one year old(and a 27 year old for that matter) but then I remember Gabe's face when the train was pulling into the station for the first time, the look of excitement as he plastered himself to the window, his goofy grin while riding on the carousel, the open mouthed wonder as he watched the airplanes take off above our heads, the look of awe as he saw just how big the ocean really is and the sheer joy of just being a little boy playing in the biggest sand box that God has made and I realized that all the struggles were all worth it. I will remember those looks for as long as I live. I don't know if Gabe will remember any of this vacation as he gets older but for now I will take joy in the fact that still one week later he asks me everyday when we are going to go on our next vacation. I'd say that is a successful trip.


Emily said...

Aww loved the recap. It was a delight having you guys visit, you're welcome at my place anytime.

clarkitect said...

Wow, Em would take us back. Seriously, how long did it take to clean up after Hurricane Gabe, and the squall of Titus? Thanks for having us Em, and I caught that 27 year old comment lady. It was a lot of fun, and I am glad we went, if only to see Gabes face at how big God's world really is. Love ya.

Emily said...

Haha...well my place remained a disaster until Saturday, when I spent much of the day picking up, putting beds away, doing laundry, vacuuming gold fish and other bits of food, and gluing disfigured figurines back together. One day is certainly worth it. And, after all that cleaning I found only one little Mater truck left behind.