Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Week Ago Today Part 6

A week ago today we woke up to overcast skies but that still didn't deter us from heading down to the restaurant and eating breakfast and then heading out to the beach. By the time we got our suits on and made our way down it was raining lightly but decided we could weather it. It was pretty chilly on the beach this day so even Carl who said he was going to go in the water didn't venture in. Gabe still had a great time playing in the sand and letting the water just hit his toes. The waves were pretty high in the morning and had washed up lots of shells. Gabe and I found a few that weren't broken to bring back with us(since then I'm pretty sure most of them are now broken as well, oh-well) We were probably only out there 20 minutes and the rain started in even harder. We decided we better just call it a day so we headed back to our room to pack and get ready to make the drive back to DC. Gabe was not a happy camper as the rain didn't bother him in the slightest but we needed to be out of our room by 11 anyway. We left and both boys fell asleep on the way back. We stopped in Annapolis again for lunch and also tried out some ice cream while we were there. We made it back to DC and took off on one last train ride for the boys. We actually met Em at L'Enfant Plaza and she took the boys by herself on the train and then the bus(she is a brave girl) back to her place so Carl and I could go to a Nationals game. We had a great time at the game and this is the first year for the National new park so it was cool to check it out in it's inaugural season. They had these creepy presidents races, much like the sausage races in Milwaukee only with huge oversized presidents costumes. We found them amusing and kind of scary all at the same time. We got back to Em's house and heard about her adventures in getting the boys back to her place. All went relatively well and everyone was sound asleep when we got back.

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