Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Week Ago Today Part 4

A week ago today Gabe and Daddy took a special trip on the Metro to the Air and Space Museum on the mall. I stayed home with Ty as he needed to take a morning nap since we had plans for the afternoon. Gabe and Daddy saw lots of airplanes and rocket ships. Gabe loved looking at everything and getting to ride the train again. They got back to Em's mid-afternoon and Gabe had fallen asleep on the train ride back. He did not want to nap when they got back. Ty didn't do so hot with his afternoon nap that day either so we decided to head out and go to Great Falls. It wasn't too far from Em's place and definitely worth the drive out there. We weren't sure where would be the best place to park so we ended up walking a little further then we would have needed to but the view was gorgeous. There was even a brave guy out in a kayak while we were there. Both the boys loved to watch the waterfalls and just liked to be outside. After we got done at Great Falls we took Em out for dinner for her birthday in Old Town Alexandria. It was good food and the kids liked that they gave them dough to play with at the table. After dinner we went back to Em's place and ate some birthday cake that Grandma Nancy had sent out. Gabe was excited he got to help blow out the candles. After another short on naps day the boys headed to bed early.

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Flip-flop Mama said...

I've been enjoying reading about all of your adventures out east! I wonder if this will be one of Gabees 1st memories?!