Friday, September 19, 2008

A Week Ago Today Part 2

A week ago today was busy! We got up in the morning and got ready to head down to the mall area. Gabe was super excited since this was the first day we got to ride the Metro. He kept watching for the train to come and I thought he was going to jump out of the stroller when he saw it coming down the track and Carl told him that was the train we got to ride. When we were on he climbed up on the seat and and plastered himself to the window so he could see out. He loved watching out the window even when we went into the tunnels. We discovered what it must be like to be a person in a wheelchair riding the metro as we had to switch trains, you have to find the elevator each time and at one station we had to take three different elevators just to get the correct platform for our train. Once we got to our stop we walked to the Natural History Museum, in the meantime Ty started screaming and I mean screaming, not just whining or whimpering full out screaming his little red head off. We kept pushing him in the stroller thinking that he was just tired and would fall asleep soon, we were wrong he settled down a little when were almost there but then fired back up again. He was somewhat better when we took him out to carry him but that didn't last long either. We made it inside the Natural History Museum and Ty fell apart again so thinking maybe he was hungry we headed down to the cafeteria for a snack. That wasn't it Ty continued to scream and didn't even want ice cream. I took him out of the building since it isn't pleasant to listen to children screaming in a place that is relatively quiet. We walked up and down Constitution Avenue and clear around the sculpture garden and fountain and he still cried and cried. I tried taking him out and holding him for awhile but he didn't like that, didn't want anything. In the meantime Carl took Gabe through the museum where he got to see the dinosaur bones and rocks. He loved both and even found a cool purple triangle shaped rock to take home to show Uncle Bone. When they were done looking they met Ty and me outside and we went to see the fountain in the sculpture garden. We let Gabe run around and play there for awhile and then we headed to the capital area to see Em for lunch. The minute Carl picked Ty up to put him back in the stroller he fell asleep(Thank Goodness) We walked down to Em's building and went up to her office. Ty slept the whole walk and even as we went through security at her office. We went down and ate in the cafeteria and he seemed to be better after his nap. After lunch we headed over in front of the capital and then to the carousel on the mall. Gabe had seen it on our walk to the capital and we promised him a ride. He wanted to ride the green dragon and he loved riding, he was quite upset when the ride was over. After his ride we walked over to the national archives and I entertained the boys, well Ty since Gabe fell asleep in the stroller on the walk while Carl waited in line to see the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other really old archives. After we were done there we went to the Reagan building in the rain with no umbrella. We were wet luckily the boys stayed relatively dry under the stroller. We treated ourselves to Larry's Cookies and then headed back on the train to Em's house. It was a big day. That night as I was holding Ty I noticed lots and lots of wax on the outside of his ear. Apparently the airplane messed his ears up and when he fell asleep they finally must have popped or some kind of pressure released because after that he did much better.

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