Monday, September 22, 2008

A Week Ago Today Part 5

A week ago today we borrowed Em's car and drove over to Ocean City. We stopped in Annapolis first to visit the Naval Academy. With only a minor mishap in directions getting to the academy we found a place to park in their city parking ramp and walked down by the city dock. We loved Annapolis it's city dock area was awesome with lots of old shops and restaurants and all the boats in the dock. We ate lunch at a neat restaurant that looked over the bay. I finally got the crab cakes i had been craving since the last time we were in the area. After lunch we walked the few blocks to the Naval Academy. I was hoping to catch their noon formation but with our extra time actually finding the academy and two very hungry boys we missed it but it was still really neat to see none the less. They have a beautiful campus and it is cool to see all the midshipmen walking around in their uniforms between classes. Everything is kept so nice and neat no garbage anywhere in site, no signs about upcoming parties, lectures, etc, everything looks so nice and kept up. Gabe especially liked the torpedoes they had on campus, I'm pretty sure he liked them though because he thought they were rockets. After we left Annapolis we drove the rest of the way to Ocean City and found our hotel. Since it was September I was able to find a pretty nice hotel right on the beach. We checked in and then headed down to play in the waves and the sand. It was pretty warm the day we were there so it made for a great beach day. Plus being a Monday in September it wasn't busy at all. I will never forget Gabe's face when he saw the ocean for the first time and how he laughed when he went in the waves. Ty really liked the sand as well but wasn't too crazy about the water, it was a little on the cold side. The first thing Ty did was pick up a large handful of sand and put it in his mouth. He soon figured out that sand is not something we eat. Carl was perhaps the biggest kid of them all(not too uncommon) he loved the waves and playing with the boys in the sand. I love this picture of the boys watching Daddy in the waves. We finally decided it was time to head in to our room since by this time it was well past supper time and we had two hungry, tired boys. We just ordered pizza to our room and everyone slept well after such a great day.


Shafique N Puneet said...

nice kids
n good photography
titles r really nice !!
hmmm interesting !!!!!

Flip-flop Mama said...

I'm a little jealous of you getting to go to Ocean City!!!