Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Next Picasso

Gabe embarked on the world of finger painting today. It was a rainy day and he had been asking me for awhile to get the finger paint set out(I bought it in a moment of weakness at Sam's Club several weeks ago) so I decided that today we would give it a try. He did a pretty good job and it wasn't near as messy as I thought it might be. He was very focused on trying to make a rocket ship, planets, a bi-plane and a dinosaur. To the untrained eye these pictures may just look like scribbles on the page but to the preschool art enthusiast they are a masterpiece.

When we were done finger painting Brady came over to play. They found it quite fun to climb up into the wood cubby on our fireplace wall. Ty decided it would be fun to join them, although he and Gabe had a wrestling match for positions in the process. Bree joined in on the fun too. On a different note we have had a lot of activity going on around our place with the start ot the school year. This was what we saw from our front window the other night. Never a dull moment at our house!

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