Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tis the Season

Wow two new posts in a row, that's pretty good for me lately. Tis the season for what you may be wondering well today was actually unseasonably nice out so the boys, my mom and I went to take a walk out at Ada Hayden Park. We brought Gabe's bike thinking it would be fun for him to ride it on the paths but the seat seems to be a little too low for him, making it rather difficult to pedal so that didn't work out so well. We stopped at one of the docks first and there were several little fish swimming around near the dock.After we were done at the dock we started walking around the lake. Gabe found all the plants and water pretty cool and didn't quite understand why he couldn't get into the water. He did pretty well until we were probably half way around and then he wanted to ride in the stroller, unfortunately I only brought the single as I thought Gabe would ride his bike so the boys took turns and actually rode together for awhile as well, that didnt work out the best though since they were squished and Ty likes to pull hair. We finally made it to the bridge and Gabe found his second wind and loved running across it and looking down at the water. There were even two older boys fishing near there and he liked watching them throw their lines into the water. The rest of the walk was long and hard for Gabe as he was tired, we managed to entertain him somewhat with rocks with faces on them and then signs where he identified letters. (If the picture looks a little fuzzy in the middle I think I had a little helper fingerprint the lens) At the end of the walk he finally got to dip his feet into the water which he said was cold but kept going back in to dip his feet some more. This brings us to the other half of tis the season which is tailgate tents are up! Very exciting news at our house, Gabe wanted to go down to see them on our way home so we made a detour. We also went to get his picture by the new sign on the scoreboard. He is pretty excited for football season and has the Go Cyclones cheer down pat(hopefully he will have something to cheer about!)

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