Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mommy's Little Helpers?

Last night I had a couple of little helpers making supper. It was a simple supper just semi-homemade pizza(semi-because I bought a whole-wheat Boboli crust) and Gabe wanted to help, harmless enough. Gabe did do a good job of helping me put on the sauce. and macaroni(actually pepperoni, but Gabe for some reason always says macaroni) but then it was time for the cheese. I showed Gabe how to put it on the pizza but I am pretty sure most of it ended up in his mouth. About the same time his little brother decided it would be fun to come in and help mom rearrange the cabinets with the pots and pans. The pizza did end up getting in the oven with cheese and I managed to find all my lids Ty had somehow gotten out and then placed in the strangest places. After supper we went outside to play for awhile while Daddy worked on our countertops(they are all done now just putting tile on the backsplash is left:) Ty only had his shirt and diaper on and wasn't too sure about the feeling of the grass on his legs. We weren't able to stay out for very long as the mosquitos were especially hungry last night but I did manage to get a few cute pictures of the boys playing in the yard. It is especially pretty now with all the flowers out.On a random note this is Ty's idea of sitting in his high chair. He was standing up on his seat and I told him to sit so he did:) Not exactly what I was thinking but I wasn't specific.Friday we are getting the boys 3 and 1 year pictures taken(wish us luck) Saturday my aunt, uncle and cousins are in town and we are all heading to Adventureland for the day(again wish us luck) and Sunday is our 6 year anniversary, hard to believe it has already been 6 years, so much has happened in that time. Hopefully I will have some cute pics to post soon.


Flip-flop Mama said...

That's funny Hollie. . sitting on the high chair :) My kids favorite part of making homeade pizza is the cheese too, but I think most of theirs ends up on the floor instead of their mouths! Happy Anniversary. . .I remember that day like it was yesterday (that makes me sound old)!

Emily said...

These pictures are so adorable! Happy Anniversary to you and Carl. See you all in a month!!!!!!!!!!!