Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beat the Heat

Goodness it is hot outside, it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so humid. At least today there are no sudden thunderstorms in the forecast, the last few days we have had strange weather. Yesterday the storm woke Gabe up from his nap because it hailed for awhile and the hail stones hitting his window scared him. He doesn't scare easily so it must have been traumatic for him. Today since there was no rain in the forecast we headed to the park and the wading pool. Gabe loves the water and had fun playing in the fountains. Ty usually loves to crawl around in the water but today he was content just to sit and play with the toys around him, fine by me less worrying about the location of two active little boys. Cousin Clark also joined us for awhile but I never could get a very good pictures of all of them together. Way too much going on to sit for pictures. This past weekend we bought Gabe a blow up pool at Wal-mart since they are now on clearance. He loves it and had a blast playing in the water. It had to be drained yesterday since there was quite a bit of debris in it from the storms. We may have to swim from home tomorrow so we are close to the air-conditioned comfort. I haven't gotten any pictures of Gabe in his new pool yet so hopefully soon.

A few rare semi-good pictures of the brothers together, they stayed in one position for more then 2 seconds!
Ty and Brenna playing during the storm, it didn't seem to bother them:)

Just chillin in the water
Too much to do to smile for a picture

Gabe loved the fountains!

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