Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Haircut

well not exactly happy but a haircut none the less. Ty got his first haircut today. His sides and back were getting pretty long so I took him into get his haircut. He didn't mind too much as long as he had a comb in each hand and could look at himself in the mirror, he seemed to wonder what the cape thing was and why it was covering his arms and he only really got upset once towards the end but overall did a good job. The picture of him below is what his hair looks like now. Gabe got his haircut as well and is getting to be an old pro. He really likes the sucker he gets when it is all done. We had a busy weekend around here with a garage sale on Saturday morning at my mom and dads house. We cleaned out our basement and got rid of some stuff we just don't use anymore. It was a lot of work but we did get rid of quite a bit of stuff which was so nice and made a little money in the process. While I was busy at the garage sale Carl took Gabe to see the B-17 bomber plane that was at the airport they were there for over an hour looking at it and then watching it take off and land. Gabe even got to spin the propellers with a little help from Daddy and give the pilot a five. Carl said he was just entranced by everything going on with the plane. Unfortunately he didn't have the camera with him so he couldn't get a picture of him with the plane but he did get a cool airplane toy that Gabe loves and keeps beside him at all times. I will post a video of Gabe talking about the airplane(well kind of I had to do quite a bit of prodding since I had a rather stubborn child this afternoon) In house news the fireplace wall is completely done! It is so exciting to see it finished and it turned out great! Not only a few little things left and the inside will be complete.

Carl took the camera to work with him the other day to get some pictures for a project he is working on.... I don't think this was the project but found it rather amusing anyway...boys!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Cute "new do" Ty! I have had to clip Trey's a few times, but I just do it at home and he giggles :) Porter gets bribed with a cookie :) I wish Ainsley had had hair at their age!