Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July Flowers

We went out to our yard this afternoon to see what new flowers we have blooming. A few weeks ago our neighbors had the former owner of our house come over in the afternoon. He was such a nice older gentleman and took the time to walk around the yard with us and tell us what some of the flowers and plants were. He is in his upper 80's and he couldn't remember everything but we were impressed at all he did remember. During his visit we also found out we have a lot of weeding to do, which we were expecting we just didn't want to pull things that weren't mean to be pulled. Right now we have lots of day lilies blooming and a few Asiatic lilies blooming as well. We have lots of wild flowers along with several unidentified varieties. We have one lily that is taller then me, it is amazing and the first bloom just opened up yesterday. That is the big yellow one. I tried to get a picture of Gabe beside it for reference but my model was uncooperative today. In Ty news he has started standing unsupported. I could never quite get a picture of it though. He just started within the past few days walking behind his little push toy as well. I have the feeling we will have a walker before we know it. Both boys love going out to the yard to play, Gabe likes to see and smell all the flowers and always asks what they are(sometimes I know) Ty just likes to climb on our little picnic table and eat grass:) It is nice to have such a great yard to enjoy!

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