Monday, July 28, 2008

My Little Acrobat

Ty is definitely too mobile for his own good some days. The other day I was in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast and was on the phone with Carl I came back to the doorway to check on Ty who was eating breakfast in his high chair and this is how I found him.

The kid loves to climb and fears nothing. This is not a good combo for a 2nd child with an equally fearless big brother to get ideas from.

Our backyard continues to amaze us with all the new flowers that are popping up. Yesterday we went out and looked at all the new ones and Gabe always likes to smell them. He smells so funny, he wrinkles up his nose and basically snorts at the flowers to try and smell them. He always wants to be the photographer now as well and doesn't especially like to be the subject of the picture so we are trying to teach him how to take a picture and actually get people in it. He did pretty good on a few of these.

Today some college friends came over with all their kids to play. Gabe loved playing with everyone and it was so nice to see the girls and how big everyone's kids are getting! We tried to get a few pictures of all of them together but getting 8 kids all 4 and under to cooperate was not going to happen especially since it was getting close to nap time and we were quickly approaching melt down stage. Gabe was sad at nap time today that everyone had gone home. We all had a great time!


clarkitect said...

Aww c'mon, Dad's purple power flower picture didn't make the blog cut?! Love ya guys.

Flip-flop Mama said...

I've often thought about if we got together with our Ames Bible Study group how many kids there would be 4 and under! how fun! And, I understand fearless boys, but mine have a sister who is not fearless to keep them in line. . most of the time :)