Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireplace, Fireworks and Fireflys

The Fireplace wall is at least half done! This is what it looked like just 4 short days ago, the first pictures is what it looked like Thursday night and 2nd is what it looked like Friday night. A lot has been accomplished in a short amount of time, I am so excited! Wednesday night Gabe and Ty both discovered lightning bugs, it was pretty cute there was one crawling on the picnic table and they both were just watching it and then the next thing we knew Ty was reaching out to try and touch it and he actually grabbed it and we caught him just before he got it into his mouth, saved from being eaten by a Tiger. Gabe was also trying out his Buzz Lightyear wings while we were outside and practiced "falling with style" when he would jump from the bench. Gabe's also been trying to master his new bike he got for his birthday from Uncle Pete, he understands how to pedal but seems to get a little apprehensive when it starts to go to fast, we'll get it someday! Friday we celebrated the 4th by working on the wall(well Carl worked on the wall, I cleaned the house and ran errands) then in the evening we had some family over for pulled pork, which Carl smoked all day. It was awesome, my mom stayed home with Ty since he went to bed around 7:30 while the rest of of us(minus Clark and Grandpa Spencer, since they both needed to go to bed to) walked down to the Iowa State Center and watched the fireworks, it was so nice to just walk a couple blocks to see them and then not have to battle any traffic on our way back, My mom did report that you could see them pretty well from our front yard as well! Gabe had a great time trying out the pinwheel Aunt Andrea and Uncle Alan had gotten him and he loved doing sparklers and snakes. He seemed to enjoy the fireworks for the most part but we did catch him a few times putting his hands over his ears(there were some pretty loud ones) We had a great time celebrating the fourth!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Porter squished Ainsley's lightning bug friend. . .will have to blog about that :) I remember watching those fireworks in Ames while I was pregnant with Ainsley! Emily