Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy Busy and did I Mention Busy

That is the kind of weekend we had at our house. Thursday evening Carl's grandma who will be 93 in September had a mild heart attack while she was out in the backyard. Unfortunately she fell and broke her hip because of the heart attack. The good thing was that someone found her rather quickly and called an ambulance and Carl's Dad. She was taken to Mason City as they have a bigger hospital with more capabilities. We found out about all this Friday morning. Unfortunatly Carl had to get a ton done for work before we could leave and the boys had their 1 and 3 year picture appointment at noon. The pictures did turn out cute but it is always a stressful experience for us to try and get both boys to smile. Ty was Mr. Serious and would hardly crack a smile at all. Gabe is just goofy and liked to look everywhere but at the camera. I didn't get a CD with the pics on it this time so I can't post any of them but they were cute regardless of my less then optimal subjects. After the boys pictures we headed back up to Ames and picked up Carl's sister and my mom and dad kept all 3 of the boys so we could go see Carl's grandma. She was much more alert and talkative then we thought she might be and was good to visit with her. Carl's mom was with her all night the night before so we took her back to Algona for the night and then drove back to Ames. Saturday we headed back up to Mason City with Carl's other sister Em who flew in from DC. The boys did a great job in the car and at the hospital and I think Grandma was glad to get to see them. Once again we drove over to Algona because we needed to bring something back for Carl's mom. While we were there we headed to my grandparents place to raid the sweet corn patch. Sunday we celebrated our 6 year anniversary with a trip to Adventureland. Gabe had a blast! I wasn't sure how he would do but he did great. He LOVED the rides and wanted to ride again and again. He liked the spinny rides and the slow rides and pretty much everything he was tall enough to go on. Still not quite big enough for the roller coasters but he had fun riding everything else. Ty went on the carousel and the train but otherwise was in his stroller or someone carried him. He fought naps most of the day and probably only slept 20 minutes the whole time we were there but still did pretty well. Some of Gabe's favorite rides were the ferris wheel, the airplanes(he's in the back of the red plane), the frog hopper, the boats, and the balloons(and the tea cups, rocket ships, and pretty much every ride he went on I guess). He learned some good lessons in patience when he had to wait in line for the rides as well(kind of notice him trying to sneak under the rope) Thursday night before all the craziness began the weather was so nice we decided to take a walk to campus. It was lots of fun and the boys had a blast playing on all the grass at central campus. Gabe thinks the campanile is a castle so he had fun playing by it as well. Soon the students will be back and campus much more busy so it was nice to get there while it was still quiet. Carl's grandma is being moved to hospice soon so it was nice to get to see her for awhile. Prayers for comfort for her would be much appreciated.

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Looks like a fun wknd! Thanks for the comment. . .I wonder how Andy is now? I would probably be more understanding after having my own 3yr old boy :)