Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Berry Good Morning

This morning we visited the Berry Patch Farm near Nevada to pick our own strawberries with Heather and the kids. I have been wanting to take Gabe out there since he was tiny and finally worked up the motivation to do it today. I was beginning to question my choice when we arrived and the nice but stern older lady at the front berry weigh station said..."those kids can't just run around through the rows" well nice stern older lady I wasn't intending to let them run all over the rows I was intending to let them pick strawberries(I didn't say that) I just said okay well we've never been here before what do we need to do, so she gave us a few buckets and told us where to drive and told us who to find to get further instructions. Once we found the picking spot we found the lady she was referring to who once again told us that the kids needed to stay to the outside rows and couldn't run through the rows, I guess our kids look like runners or something:) So we found a spot and showed the boys and Bree what kind of strawberries to pick(not too yellow, all red) and let them start. The big boys did a good job of finding mostly all red ones to add to their buckets, Ty loved picking berries but really lets face it, does not know his colors so we ended up with a few yellow berries and some dandelions in the bucket as well. Once we had walked the outside rows and gotten our buckets relatively full I tried to get the little ones and the boys to pose with their stash but alas 2 almost 4 year olds and 2 almost 2 year olds(one actually is two now, hard to believe) did not accommodate my request very well. Bree did want to smile for the camera at all but I thought this shot was still pretty darn cute, pouty face and all. When we got home I did manage to get the boys with all their berries for a few minutes before they completely lost intrest in having their picture taken. We are looking forward to strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight(which we purchased the stuff for at the grocery store when we were there today with grandma who also purchased these for the boys....thanks a lot Grandma)


clarkitect said...

Can we hire the cranky ladies for the tree farm this Christmas. Whip some people into shape for sure. Love the crabby Bree pic. Shortcake here I come.

Flip-flop Mama said...

I like your new picture in your header, although it should say the baby's name too :)
Pretty sure my boys look like runners too :)
Fun times!

Mom said...

HEY, what fun. Did you know they are having something at the ISU Dairy barn on Friday for kids?Don't know what age it might be geared for, but sounded like a good time eating ice cream!