Monday, June 1, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Just a few random pictures from the week.

Gabe and Ty LOVE the laundry baskets and enjoy using them as their boats, Gabe has had a slight cold and fever for the past few days(he is feeling better now) and looks kind of tough in these pictures but he was having fun anyway.
We went to Reiman Gardens on Friday morning and enjoyed the nice weather and the dinosaurs again, this time we dug for fossils in the childrens garden and made it up to see the big dinosaur on top of the hill(I forgot to take a picture) They also enjoyed the little gazebo and wood paths.Gabe likes to fight naps now, he will sometimes stay up in his room for an hour and then come down and say he just couldn't sleep only to end up like this on the living room floor.
Ty just likes to pose for the camera:)

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Janel said...

I need to take JJ to Reiman Gardens...he would love it. Great pictures!