Monday, June 15, 2009

Dough Boys

Today since once again it was rather cool and rainy we decided to make cookies. I have two wonderful....mmm well meaning helpers when I make cookies and thanks to them I have found a slight flaw with Kitchen Aid mixers, they only have 1 beater:( One beater and two boys equals creative solutions, this creative solution was a spoon for the little one who doesn't quite know that he is getting ripped off not getting to lick the beater yet:) Gabe is getting quite good at helping me measure out the ingredients and put it in the mixing bowl. He also tried his hand at rolling the dough into balls today and putting them on the pan, he did a good job! Ty was content to just sit there and eat the dough once it was ready. I'm sure they will both enjoy the cookies when they get up from nap today.

On a completely different note we made our first trip to the ER this past Sunday. Carl had both boys after church as I was finishing up in the nursery and he was outside talking to a friend, holding Ty and holding Gabe's hand. Gabe decided he did not want to hold Daddy's hand anymore so started trying to pull away from him and dropped his feet out from under him. Carl heard a pop and then Gabe started crying. They quickly went to the car where Gabe continued to cry and would not move his arm at all. I made it to the car to find this lovely predicament and called urgent care only to be told they don't do that stuff there we had to go to the ER. By this time Gabe had calmed down somewhat and we drove home to drop Carl and Ty off since I'm quite positive Ty would not have tolerated an ER wait. Gabe and I drove to the hospital and got checked in and waited in the waiting room for awhile. Gabe still would not move his arm and I distracted him from thinking about it by talking all about Star Wars(his favorite movie for the moment) We actually didn't have to wait that long and they called us back where they decided it was most likely nursemaids elbow(basically the muscle moved away from where it should be, like a dislocated elbow) but they wanted to x-ray it just to make sure. We made our way back to radiology and waited a few minutes until they got us, I couldn't go in with Gabe since I am pregnant and can't be exposed to the radiation. I felt so bad I could hear him crying and screaming because they had to maneuver his arm in different positions to get all the x-rays they needed. I'm pretty sure I was quite a sight sitting in the hallway with tears in my eyes listening to my baby scream! One kind of funny thing I heard through the tears was...Gabe we need to move your arm one more time for this shot okay? Gabe says no no I don't want a shot and cried a little harder, the x-ray tech quickly rephrased and said no you aren't getting a shot I mean another picture. Poor kid:) When they brought him out we walked back to the room and when we got situated Gabe was suddenly moving his arm around and jabbering up a storm. I asked him if his arm felt better and he said it did. The Dr. then came in and said yeah a lot of time when they maneuver it for the x-rays it will pop back into place and that is what happened with him. So after all that the dr. didn't even have to do anything for him. Oh-well it was like someone put a quarter in him once his arm was back in place, he was jabbering away and was back to his old self. I just hope trips to the ER don't become a habit around here, with our boys anything is possible.

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clarkitect said...

He's just like his mommy. 36 hours of labor- 5 words. One spinal and I can't even comprehend the amount of words coming out of your mouth. Love you guys. Who would have thought we would ever get to say we had to send Gabe to the ER because I pulled his arm out at church. We'll just have to tell DHS we're super-charismatics.