Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It was just too nice not to do something outside yesterday so the boys and I headed to Reiman to once again take advantage of our family membership. I thought maybe they would lose interest since we have been there several times already this summer but Gabe was just as excited to go this time as he has been every other time. We took a snack with us and the boys loved just being outside. I let Gabe have the camera when we went in to see the butterflys so the following pictures are all photography by Gabe:)


EClark said...

Eddie said he saw you guys yesterday. I love the photos by Gabe. He does quite well.

Mom said...

Good job Gabe!

Nicoleigh said...

I forgot to mention on Saturday when we drove by there, Gabe pointed the gardens out and started talking about them. So he must sure like them!