Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Tower Park

Gabe has names for practically every park in town. Brookside is the fire engine park, Roosevelt Elementary playground is the castle park, Inis Grove is the fish park, Moore Park is Jared and Steph's park(because it is behind Jared and Steph's house) and our most recent discovery is Moore Memorial Park aka the tower park. Carl took the boys several months ago now while I was working one day and it remains a favorite. They love the tower you can climb up, which over looks a barn and silo and the golf course. It is a pretty nice park with really nice walking trails and plenty of play equipment. I finally got to go with to visit the tower park the other night so I had to take the camera along to capture some pictures.


Nicoleigh said...

I LOVE the ones with the barn and silo (tower) and the boys. I think maybe you should make me a copy of one and send it my way. :)

EClark said...

These pictures are so great.