Friday, July 10, 2009

Wet and Wild

Friday afternoon we needed some good old outside time and since we can't go to the pool or splash park because of Ty's hand still being covered we decided to try out some water balloons in the back yard. Gabe "helped" me fill them up in the bathroom and squealed with delight if the water would spray out at all. When our bucket was full we headed outside to try them out. Both boys really liked them. Gabe would try out all kinds of different ways to get them to pop. Sometimes he squeezed them, sometimes he sat on them, sometimes he threw them on the ground. Ty just carried his around until he squeezed it hard enough to pop it or he dropped it on the ground. Gabe chased Ty with them a few times to try and get him more wet but he was never very successful at getting him with the balloon itself. After we ran out of balloons I had the boys pick up the pieces in the yard, Gabe was very good at finding lots of other things besides balloon pieces, like this lovely leaf. After we got the balloon pieces picked up we got out the hose. The boys had lots of fun running from the hose and having me try to get them. We also put the hose on the slide and let Gabe go down it. He went really fast and I was actually afraid he was going to hurt himself with how much he wiped out at the bottom. Ty loved the hose too and would nod his head yes every time I asked him if he wanted me to get him. He was not quite as brave as Gabe but he had fun too. We had to stop when the yard seemed to be getting somewhat muddy and the boys were beginning to resemble mud monsters. On a random note I tried to get a video of some of Ty's new words but was rather unsuccessful as he was soaking his burned hand and way more interested in the water at that point, but I thought his hi's were pretty cute anyway. Ty's hand is looking much better and I am hoping we will not have to cover it anymore after his Tuesday appointment. He is getting pretty good about the holding his hand just right when we soak, put ointment on and wrap it though.

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