Monday, July 27, 2009

Land of Adventure

otherwise known as Adventureland. We made our what is becoming annual trip to Adventureland this past weekend with my parents, brother, uncle and cousins. We didn't tell Gabe we were going until he woke up Saturday morning and oh boy was he excited! He didn't want to eat breakfast and couldn't wait to go. He even got right in his car seat when we headed out to the car and for Gabe that is no small feat, usually he is all over the place before he finally settles in his seat. We met up with everyone at my parents house and borrowed their car to drive down in(we sold the Jeep this past week, yay but now only have the unairconditioned,brakes need to be looked at wagon) so decided their car was probably a more comfortable ride. We arrived and and immediatly started in on the rides. Ty was old enough this year to ride a few more rides and liked them once on but the standing in line thing was just tough for him. We started off with the carousel, the ferris wheel and then made our way over the bi-planes. After that Gabe wanted to drive the semi's so along with Daddy the boys got to try those out. Gabe and Carl went on the bumper cars and Gabe enjoyed himself once he figured out you were actually supposed to hit other cars:) We decided to try Gabe on the log ride this year as well, there was a nice line so while Carl and Gabe waited my mom and I took Ty for a diaper change and ro ride the little car carousel and then onto the boats. This little girl asked me if she could ride with Ty in his boat, I asked if she wanted to sit in the back and she politley said she wanted to sit next to Ty:) Luckily Ty was well behaved and didn't try to push her out of her seat. Gabe and Carl finally made it to their log and...well you can be the judge if you think he liked it or not:) The picture is one they take as you are going down the hill so this is a picture of the picture, for the full effect you are welcome to take a look at the lovely keep sake magnet we have of this picture anytime you visit. After the log ride Gabe wanted to try the Underground which Ty was still too short for so Daddy took him and we took Ty back to the bi-planes. Gabe was not impressed with the underground, a little too spooky for him still. We tamed it down a little after that and did the balloons and the ladybugs and then Carl and Gabe did a few other bigger rides. Finally we decided it was time to call it a day and head to the frog hopper which was Gabe's favorite and train. Ty was exhausted and fell asleep in Grandma's arms while waiting in line. He woke up once we were on and didn't go to sleep again until we put him to bed when we got home. After the train ride we tried to get a good family picture but with two tired boys this is what we got, typical. Overall we had a great time and Gabe is already asking when we are going back.


Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun!

EClark said...

LOVE the Adventureland pic of the log ride. It makes me laugh all day long. Did Gabe actually like it, or does the look of terror on his face reflect his experience?