Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy Weekend Randomness

Just a few silly shots from our busy weekend. Saturday we were really busy making the cake, smoking the meat, etc and I think Gabe finally got sick of being in his jammies. He gets himself dressed on a regular basis but usually we have to tell him to go get dressed. Saturday he went and did it on his own and came down like this. Not sure what's up with the shirt tucking but it was pretty funny. I grabbed the camera and Ty wanted in on the picture action as well, weird since when I want him to pose...well you know it doesn't go well.
I also tried to get a good shot of Callie attempting to crawl she tries so hard but just doesn't quite get the moving her arms thing. She gets pretty frustrated after while.(see video at the end for an example:) She is also a small challenge to feed as she likes to move around so much and look at everything around her. She makes a big mess and also likes to suck her thumb between bites. She sure is cute though:)
When we got home from my mom and dad's Sunday we needed to do some major house cleaning from our flurry of activity on Saturday. Gabe decided to help out with the vaccum and he actually did a really good job, he even got it out of the closet, plugged it in and got it started without any help. We were impressed.

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