Monday, May 3, 2010

Reiman Gardens

We made our first visit to Reiman Gardens for the year this past week. It was beautiful weather after a few rainy days and the tulips were still in full bloom so we packed a lunch and headed to the garden. We met Steph, Brenna and Lauren there as well. The kids had fun discovering all the garden gnomes(the theme for the summer), including the world's largest concrete gnome, which Ty had a love/hate relationship with, he would go up to it and lay on it's legs and then run away screaming. They also had fun doing their old favorites, the wood plank maze, the chimes and in general running around and having a good time(the frog pumps weren't in working order yet, which I was actually kind of glad about, less wet although they still managed to find some water to put their hand in) I had fun posing Callie in front of different flowers. Poor girl was getting so sleepy and ready to go down for afternoon nap and I kept pulling her out the stroller to snap another cute picture, I figure this will be the easiest year to do it, she can't fight me on it too much or run away from me quite yet:) Occasionally I would attempt the 3 of them, I don't think we got 1 with all 3 looking but oh-well. We had a great day at the garden!

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