Friday, April 30, 2010

Super Saturday

We had a busy Saturday this past week. Carl helped some friends build a storage area and work bench in their garage. The kids and I went down to hang out as well. That morning Huxley was having kids activities at the 3 C's center. While the men folk were using their carpentry skills Heather and I took 4 of the 5 kiddos(Callie stayed back to take a nap) to have some fun. Fun has a different definition for many, my little red head kept me on my toes most of the morning. He may have had fun but he was giving me gray hairs. For some reason I would tell him come here, he ran away in the opposite direction, I told him don't climb that, he would climb faster, you get the idea. In the midst of the red headed tornado I did get some cute pics of Gabe, Brady and Bree acting out the 3 little pigs. They loved it and did a great job. After the 3 C's it was time to take the kids to the much antcipated "poopy party" at Chuck E. Cheese. Ty was promised if he pooped in the potty like a big boy we would get to go to Chuck E. Cheese as a reward, we did this for Gabe as well and that was actually the last time we were there. The boys did great and loved playing the games. Callie was happy to hang out in the booth with Grandma while I took Gabe around to the games and Ty got to play games with Grandpa(a rather strategic move on my part as I let Ty pick who took him to play games, I knew he would pick Grandpa and after our rather stressful, discipline filled morning I think he was glad to have a break for me too:) Carl was just happy he had building as an excuse not to have to come. When we got back we hung out at the Krugers for awhile and the guys did end up getting quite a bit done that day. The storage area turned out pretty well and is pretty sturdy too:)