Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Veishea, Flowers and Spring Cleaning

This past weekend was gorgeous weather! It was Veishea weekend so despite all the yard work we wanted to accomplish we headed over to campus to watch the candy fest, I mean parade. We put the boys in the wagon and Callie in the stroller and we were off. Carl found both boys in the wagon to be a rather heavy load on the uphills. While waiting for the parade to start the boy's favorite activity was wrestling with each other and their cousin, Clark. The wrestling was soon getting a little rough so cookies were a good distraction:) When the parade started the boys enjoyed watching all the things go by and of course getting candy thrown at them. Ty was somewhat afraid of the big balloons for some reason yet wasn't scared of the big horses at all, go figure. Callie watched part of the parade in my lap but did a good job in her stroller. After the parade we headed home and grilled some lunch at our house and then the yard work began. Carl's dad brought down the stump grinder and chain saw and we saw two old, scraggly bushes removed from the front of the house by the entrance. The stump grinder worked those stumps out in no time. It took a little longer for this big boy to come out. We are trying to re-do our front landscaping(well all landscaping but one phase at a time) and this needed to go. We were able to get the stump out and a few plants re-planted thanks to Andrea. We are working now to figure out which plants we want to keep and re-plant so the next day we flagged all the daffodils and tulips, we don't want to lose these pretty flowers. This weekend is calling for rain so not sure how much we will accomplish but it was great to get the some of the big stuff done.


Flip-flop Mama said...

so were your boys heartrates slower than Callie's?! Ainsley's was always higher and Porter's was lower, but Trey threw me for a loop :) His was 164 at his 12 wk

Hollie said...

yep the boys were slower although Gabe's was 160 at his 12 week appt. and then gradually slowed down through the pregnancy. Ty stayed pretty consistant in the 140's though. Callie's was always upper 150's to 160's the whole way:)