Monday, April 12, 2010

Swings and Bunnies

We took advantage of the nice weather today and took our first walk down to the swings at the end of our street(well first trip with me, I think Daddy has taken them once already) I put Callie in the wagon with her boppy along with Ty. They did pretty well. Gabe and Ty decided to swing like superman. Callie loves the swing and is happy just to sit there and let her feet dangle but she also likes to swing. She gets a big grin on her face and loves going back and forth. It was getting close to nap time and Ty wanted a turn in the baby swing so he could go higher so I put Callie back in the wagon, that fresh air sure does wear her out:) All was going wonderfully until I told Gabe to head to his bike so we could walk back, he promptly hops off his swing and into the oncoming swing of his brother who swings into him and knocks him into the rocks. Oops, it was almost an enjoyable time for all:) When we got back we had a treat waiting for us. A lady I work with at Burgies is going to Africa for 6 months this summer through late fall/early winter with Ames High as part of their Uganda Project. She had a fundraiser on Saturday night to help with expenses and as part of the night had a raffle for various desserts and items donated by community members. I won this. The boys were ecstatic and couldn't wait to hack into the poor bunny. When we got back today the bunny lost it's head. We did all agree though this bunny tastes good!