Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Program and a Birthday in April?

We had Gabe's spring program last night. We had been hearing the songs for months now and we were excited to finally get to see the program in person. Gabe did a good job and we could actually hear him singing a few times:) He didn't yell out this time to say hi to people, although there was still waving and in general being silly. I wasn't able to get any good shots of him during his program because there were many heads in my way and my camera does not do well in dark settings but we did get a couple afterwards with both sets of grandparents that made it out for his concert. Callie wanted in on the picture action too:) Today at school they celebrated Gabe's birthday(his birthday is actually June 23) Since there is not school on Gabe's actual birthday they have been celebrating all the summer kids throughout this spring. Gabe's big day was today and he was very excited to take these for his birthday treats(ice cream cone cup cakes). Thanks to my strong thumbed hubby for piping the very thick frosting on for me:) When Gabe got home he said the kids LOVED them and he had to strike a pose in his birthday crown. I was just glad the treats mostly survived the drive to school and the rain this morning. Now Gabe is really excited to celebrate his "real" birthday in June!

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