Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Pics

We had a great Easter. Saturday we headed up to the farm and Grandpa Matt's and Grandma Nancy's to visit for the day. The boys were excited to go see Bone and Great Grandma and Grandpa first for a short visit and of course a tractor ride. Then we headed to Grandpa and Grandmas for lunch and more tractor/mower rides(somehow we forgot to get pics). We had 2 very exhausted boys when we headed home around 7 that night:) Sunday we went to church and then to lunch at my parents house. The boys brought Grandma a bouquet for the table. We had an Easter egg hunt, Ty is going to have to get a little faster to keep up with Gabe who liked to steal them just ahead of him(we made him slow up). The boys enjoyed finding their Easter baskets Grandma had hidden. I tried to get a few pics of them together in their cute Easter clothes but Ty was filthy and it never really does go well trying to get all three looking at the same place at one. When we got home I gave them each a bunny sucker and again tried a to get a good picture but did end up getting a few cute ones of Callie in the yard. It was a great weekend and a GREAT church service and such a good reminder that we should celebrate Easter every day not just once a year, In Christ Alone my Hope is Found, HE is my Light, my Strength my Song, This Cornerstone, This Solid Ground, Firm through the Fiercest Drought and Storm!

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