Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gabe's Preschool Graduation

Gabe had his preschool graduation this past Friday. It was cute, they all came in wearing cute little graduation caps. They each stepped forward said their name and what they want to be when they grow up. Any guesses on what Gabe said? I took a video of it, it is kind of hard to hear and I should have tried to zoom but you might be able to figure it out.

Alright upon further investigation the little one in front of us drowned out Gabe's answer so if you guessed astronaut you would be correct:)

After this they sang a few songs, this one is one of Gabe and now Ty's favorites, I didn't record the whole thing but you get the idea(again I apologize for the lack of zoom)

They also did a few cute finger plays and acted out Hats for Sale. Their teacher did a slide show of all of them and the activities they have done throughout the year. They had a cute cake and I'm pretty sure that may have been Gabe's favorite part.
Our GraduateGabriel Quintin we are so proud of you and the thoughtful, energetic, fun loving, caring, friendly and smart little boy you have become. We watched you go from not having an interest to writing anything to writing your name and any other word we give you(spelling help of course) quite well, from hating to draw and scribbling on the paper to making an actual person with actual body parts in your pictures. But most importantly asking questions about God and Jesus and declaring your love and thankfulness for them each day.

Next fall we have decided to send Gabe to Early Kindergarten instead of regular full day Kindergarten. It was a tough decision but with a summer birthday we decided we just didn't want him to always be the very youngest in his class. It also gives him a little more time to mature and continue to perfect some of his academic skills as well. I am sure all of these things we have seen grow in him over the past school year will continue to develop next year and he will be raring to go to regular Kindergarten the following fall. We will miss Ames Christian and his wonderful teachers and friends.

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