Monday, February 27, 2012

Sledding(finally!)and Swimming

This past weekend we made an impromptu trip to Algona. My parents had gone up for a few days to help my grandma with a project in her basement and on a whim that day I had asked if there was enough snow up there to go sledding. Mom thought there was and they were staying at a hotel that night with a pool so it was a bonus, sledding and swimming all in one weekend! We met my parents and Grandma at Pizza Ranch and had supper and then surprised the kids with the swimming at the hotel. The pool area was pretty dark so I didn't take a ton of pictures but here are a few. My very excited red head.
Goofy first born who does not necessarily like his picture taken.
and the all of the sudden camera shy little girl.thats more like it.
We spent the night at Grandpa Matt's and Grandma Nancys house. The next day we made our way into town to Daylight Donuts and visited the Chocolate Season as well. The kids loved their donuts and treats and then we headed out to the farm. The kids said hi to Great Grandpa and Great Grandma and then were ready to try sledding. We found a somewhat small hill in the yard and decided to give it a try. It wasn't the steepest hill but it seemed to work pretty well for small legs to be able to walk back up.Callie played the part of the princess very well and would get to the bottom of the hill and say "Bone come get me" hold up her arms and of course Uncle Bone would go get his favorite great niece. Stinker.
Callie quite enjoyed her first time our sledding.Ty had lots of fun too.I think Gabe was getting tired of carrying the sled back up the hill by the end of our sledding time but he was a trooper.
We went out for lunch with the Great Grandparents, Bone and Grandma and Grandpa and then after lunch headed back out to Carl's parents. Callie needed a nap, Carl needed to watch the ISU basketball game and I needed to rest for awhile. After the ISU win Carl took the boys outside and gave them a pull on the sled behind the tractor.
While they were out for their ride they found another hill to try sledding on. This one was a little steeper and they had to be careful not to sled into the creek but they had a blast.
We all had a great weekend and Gabe proclaimed it to be the best weekend ever when he went to bed Sunday night. Guess he had a good time!

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