Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is

Danielle.Danielle watches our kids almost every Sunday while we go to connection group(and is as we like to call her our much older, adopted Korean daughter:). But beyond that I never have to worry when Danielle is with them. She knows their tendencies and their likes, she knows their schedules and when they are trying to pull one over on her(not that our children would ever do that...) but most importantly she loves them despite all of that stuff and they love her...A LOT! This was the night they had a sleepover party(she even brought balloons and footy pajamas), they play all sorts of games including but certainly not limited to spy kids, connect 4 and many different versions of Angry Birds. Since we love Danielle so much we decided to make her a special valentine. We unwrapped a bunch of Valentine colored crayons.
It was a bit of trial and error to figure out how to do this right but next we shredded the crayons into wax paper(well Daddy did we handed him the crayons:)
After the crayons were shredded we took an iron to the wax paper, now this is where we weren't quite sure if we were doing it correctly. The crayons ran A LOT and actually leaked through the wax paper onto the table and the iron. This was our result.It looked like a very large, very red bunch of mess. Upon further examination of the webiste though we discovered that this was actually what was supposed to happen for the most part so the idea of mixing the colors together was not the greatest since red dominated. Once we figured that out though we created a few other colors of paper as well. When we were done melting crayons the kiddos got to work practicing their heart cutting skills.We also traced each kids handprint and cut those out as part of our project. Here is the finished product. I think it turned out kind of cute despite our wondering what the heck we were doing at first.
Danielle was pretty happy with her Valentine and the kids had fun making it for her. I decided I don't do crafty things like this very often because I don't like to clean up the mess but it was worth it. We wish everyone a very Happy Valentines Day!
PS(no ultrasound today, our doctors office called and their ultrasound tech had a death in the family so we rescheduled for Thursday, still very excited to see our little peanut again!)

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