Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st Day of School and 2 Months

Gabe started 1st grade last week on Thursday.  I was all proud of myself because I remembered to have him hold a sign for his pictures that said his grade and the date.  Like this.
and of course no 1st day of school pictures would be complete without the little siblings getting in the mix.
Not sure whats up with Ty's fist but whatever.  Then on Monday the 27th Ty started Early Kindergarten.  If you guessed that I forgot to give him a sign to hold you would be right.
For some reason Ty also has a real aversion to actually looking at the camera for a picture.  This week has been a strange week as they have been getting out early all week for mini-conferences(15 minute getting to know you and your child with his/her teacher)  Ty is doing afternoon Early Kindergarten so his days have been very short this week.  We are both looking forward to next week when he gets to go for more then a little over an hour.  So far both boys are loving school and liking their teachers and classmates.  Callie is getting used to being home without the big boys again but I think she things Mom and Baby Ezra are kind of boring:)
In other news Ezra turned 2 months old today!  He is still eating a 4 oz bottle about every 3 hours and generally will sleep at night from around 11 until 3 or 4 and then until around 7.  He has started smiling at us some.  The big kids think it is the most awesome thing any baby has ever done and a big production is made about it each time they catch a cute little grin.

He likes his swing and to move and would most days rather not sit still.  He is not the best of nappers but some days he does better then others.  He is starting  to coo a little bit too along with his cute smiles.  Here is his 2 month chair picture.
Big sister didn't want to be left out of a photo session.
With school starting and getting back into a routine we are ready for Fall!  Bring on some football!

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