Friday, August 17, 2012

Fantastic Five!

Ty turned 5 on the 14th!  Once again I'm not sure how that happened but our red head was super excited for his birthday this year.  We started celebrating on Sunday with a small family party.  Ty's favorite part of course was opening his presents.
He got some great gifts including a squirt gun, a new wii game, an angry birds game, and avengers backpack and these.
yep boxing gloves to go with his new punching bag

  He has been wanting a real punching bag for awhile so he was loving the gloves and bag.  So far they haven't hit too many things they shouldn't.
After presents we did cake and ice cream.  We went super easy this year with the cake and did a sprinkle cake.  Ty didn't seem to mind.
The entertainment though came from one of Gabe's birthday presents.  A zip line that Carl got installed this past week right before Ty's party.  I never did get a good picture of Ty going down it but here is Callie testing it out.
Despite the cool, rainy weather they still had fun playing outside and Ty was blessed to have family come celebrate with us. 
Ty's actual birthday was the Tuesday after the party.  That day we celebrated with balloons on his chair at breakfast and gift to open.

 The kids get to request what they would like to have for their birthday breakfast and like big brother before him Ty requested cinnamon roll waffles.  Here he is with his 5 candles lit and showing us how old he is.
After breakfast we ventured to Des Moines with our friends to Union Park so the kids could play on the Rocket Slide.  They loved it!  There was also a carousel there but for some reason it didn't open for the day.  The kids didn't seem to mind though as they thought the slide was great on its own.  All was going great and we were all prepared to go eat lunch at Zombie Burger which is where Ty had said he wanted to go the whole morning until it was time to actually go.  Then this happened.
yep all our fit because at the last minute Ty wanted to go to McDonalds instead of Zombie Burger.  Me being the mean Mommy that I am said no he had said he wanted to go to Zombie Burger all day and since we didn't have one of those in Ames we were going to go to Zombie Burger because it was more special then McDonalds since we have one of those in Ames.  He was unhappy for awhile but we did manage to get a half way good picture of all the kiddos in front of the rocket slide.

 We did convince the birthday boy to do Zombie Burger and he really wasn't a fan so I am guessing that he won't request it again:)  They did kind of get a kick out of the decor though, he said not to take him there again though cause it was scary.
After lunch we drove back home and then headed out again shortly after for supper at Hickory Park with Grandma and Grandpa.  Ty was pretty excited about his birthday sundae.

We had a few busy days around Ty's birthday and I forgot to get his chair picture until a few days later but here is his 5 year chair picture.
Can't believe he's 5 already. God truly blessed us when he gave us Ty.  Life wouldn't be the same without our funny, fiery, loving, crazy, smart, mischievous red head! 

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