Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kossuth County Fair

Carl and I grew up going to the Kossuth County Fair but we hadn't been back for years so this year we decided to go check it out again and take the family(especially since I'm not up for taking 4 kiddos to the state fair, especially this year)  When we got there I made them pose in front of the gate.  This is the first picture I got.
Yep finger up the nose, not looking at the camera, blabbing to dad, keeping it real here:)
This one is a little better.
We went and checked out the open class building and 4-H buildings.  The kids thought the big vegetables were cool and we saw Grandma Nancy's blue ribbon zucchini and peppers.  I was surprised at how few things were entered in open class.  I used to help my great aunt with open class ribbons (bear with me the first letter of this word _uice is completely gone from my computer so I'm trying to avoid words with that letter like -udging and pro-ect but if you see it thats what's going on:) and there were so many entries, tons of canned goods and baked items this year a maybe 2 shelves of canned goods and 2 cases of baked items.  Anyway I digress.  The kids also liked the to see some of the 4-H things.  Especially ones that involved Legos.  These tractors were also a favorite from the 4-H building.  Especially when Gabe discovered the kid whose pro-ect it was was named Gabe:)
We also went through the FFA barn.  Callie was a little scared of the miniature horses so I was a little aprehensive to her reaction to the livestock barns but she warmed up to the animals.  Those puffy things in the cage in the back are a type of chicken.  They looked like puffs of fluff as you couldn't see their faces or legs even.
We headed down to the livestock barns where we saw the bucket calves and sheep first.  Callie requested her picture be taken by many animals in many different barns so the following are all from our livestock barn tour with most of them featuring our picture happy princess.

and sometimes she even allowed Daddy and the boys to pose for a few pictures with the animals:)

We also went through the Floral Hall(kinda like Varied Industries at the State Fair but much smaller).  The kids got balloon animals.  The boys a sword like this one.
and Callie got a balloon dog.  Before we left Gabe requested we take each of their picture in the combine's tire.

that blue thing in Callie's mouth would be what was left of her balloon animal dog.  No worries we threw it away shortly after and she did not choke on the deflated balloon.
This is what Ezra did for the entire fair.
oh-well he will hopefully like it more the next time we go(look at those cheeks and chin!)  We had a good time and were glad the kids has fun at the fair.

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