Sunday, August 19, 2012

State Fair

We weren't going to go to the state fair this year but when we found out Aunt Em would be there for the evening and since it was a nice night and she had not gotten to meet Ezra yet we ventured to Des Moines.  The kids were excited to get to see some of the same animals that we saw at the county fair earlier in the month.  They especially liked these that they could put their heads in and have their pictures taken.

They also liked getting to pet this baby calf.
and of course no trip to the state fair is complete without state fair food.  The kids wanted cotton candy.
and Carl wanted to try the new double bacon corn dog, which we decided wasn't worth the extra cost:(  but we did still get our favorites mini-donuts, cheese curds and fried oreos so all was not lost:)   We also had to check out the Iowa State booth in the varied industries building.  The kids had their picture taken with the Cy-Hawk and Big 12 Championship Cross country Trophies.
and of course had to get their Cyclone tattoos.
Shortly after this Ezra needed to eat and Aunt Em was almost done with her meetings so we went to find a bench and wait and feed the baby.  Look at that double chin:)

Em with the kiddos.

Em also spoiled them and took them down the Giant Slide.  They loved it.  Here they are climbing to the top.
and coming down, it was starting to get dark but Em has Callie in front and then the boys are right behind them.
They liked it so much they begged to go again and Em took them again.  They then talked her into buying them a root beer float
and a lemonade.
It was great to see Em(and Grandpa Matt too, who was down for the tractor pull) even for a little bit.  We didn't get to everything but I think the kids had fun at the fair.

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EClark said...

Thanks for bringing the kids down. I have great memories, especially taking them down the slide!