Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a roof, a haircut,a dr. appt. and a couple of brothers

Just like the title this post and pictures are rather random today. We have a new roof! Well part of a new roof, the back side of the house is almost done, the garage is done and hopefully weather permitting we will have a complete new roof by the end of this weekend. I couldn't believe what a mess it was around here when they tore off the old roof, it didn't help there were two layers of shingles that had to come off, one of which was old cedar shakes that would just splinter into many tiny pieces. They did do a great job cleaning up.

Gabe has a much needed haircut today, it is getting so long I'm pretty sure we could put some cute little pigtails in it but I don't think he or his daddy would like that too much. This is a picture of Gabe before his haircut, I will update when we get back and post an after picture. UPDATE: Here is the after, much shorter, he looks like such a big boy!

Ty is going to the Doctor today as he has had a fever off and on for the past week or so and is very stuffy but without a runny nose, it is making him gag and sometimes throw up and last night he woke up at 1:00 screaming and it took him a long time to calm down even after I came in and held him, hopefully something simple and hopefully there is something they can do for him. UPDATE: Guess what nothing is wrong, just a stuffy nose, ugh I hate it when that happens, I am just sure there is something wrong and then nope nothing, so back to square one who knows why he is acting so crabby and not eating and not sleeping very well, not that I want something to be wrong with him but at least it would explain things. The picture to the left is him this afternoon, he loves playing on the new rug in the living room.

Gabe is embarking on the world of potty training for the 2nd time now. We tried once before and it just wasn't working, he would cry and not want to use the potty and he always wanted to put a diaper back on, he would even hold it until nap time when I put a diaper on him to go and then when the underwear went back on he would hold again until bedtime, this time we are using a sticker chart incentive and he loves it, he has done a great job so far, no crying or not wanting to go and he loves putting stickers on his chart. We have promised a fishy for his room if he continues to do well with it until Friday. The boys have been enjoying the new house and things are continuing to progress, we still need to get the fireplace wall done and a few things in the kitchen, however most boxes and tubs are unpacked. I will update with haircut and dr. news this afternoon.

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