Monday, April 28, 2008


Gabe finally pooped in the toilet! Yes we get excited about pooping in toilets around here, it is amazing once you become a parent what you get excited about. I had promised him that if he would poop in the toilet we would go to Chuck E Cheese so Sunday we made our promised trip(no I am not above bribery) He had so much fun playing the games and riding the rides. He even ate quite a bit of pizza which I was surprised. He also liked to watch the big puppets up front and Bob and Larry were even on the TV for awhile. He is not super skilled at the games yet but still managed to get over 100 tickets and picked out two ugly little lizards from the toy counter. This weekend we were able to get a few things done on the house as well, namely Carl started on the fireplace wall! It is in the beginning stages of being framed so hopefully it will be completed before too long. We are still enjoying watching all the plants come up in our yard, new ones seem to spring up each day(well at least when it was warm, it is really cold today) Our Magnolia Tree in the front yard is in almost full bloom, we have a big one in the backyard as well but it is still shut up tight, I don't think it wants to come out with all this cold weather. Gabe had a great weekend, he got to take his tractor out to the backyard and play quite a bit this weekend. We bought Ty a cute little outfit for his dedication this past weekend that has a cute little hat with it so we thought we would try and get a few pictures of him wearing it(I doubt he keeps it on with the outfit on dedication day) He looks like our little Scotsman with his red hair and bright blue eyes and plaid hat. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Oswald said...

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Congrats Gabe (and mommy)! Any suggestions of what to get Porter for his birthday? All he wants is a remote control monster truck and I think he'd break it?!

Grandma Mel said...

I love Ty's Scottish hat. I made it my new screen saver.

Give the boys a hug and kiss from me.